Zigui: multi-sector joint development of scenic area safety inspection and acceptance

China Meteorological News correspondent reported to Haiying that on February 21 and 25, the Zigui County Meteorological Bureau of Hubei Province and the County Safety Supervision Bureau, the County Public Security Bureau, the County Wenxinguang Tourism Bureau and other units formed a joint inspection team for the Three Gorges Zhuhai and The safety management work of the Moon Flower Valley Scenic Spot was carried out for inspection and acceptance, to investigate hidden dangers, and to improve measures to ensure that the scenic spots resumed the park on schedule.
The inspection team focused on the situation in which the scenic area operating unit fulfilled the responsibility of the safety production entity. Among them, the Zigui County Meteorological Bureau carried out serious inspections on the main supervision spots, tourist concentration places, viewing platforms, ropeway construction structures, lightning protection measures, disaster weather emergency measures, and the improvement of signage signs, and made recommendations.

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Aug.20, 2018