Zibo: Promote “one time to do a good job” to get through the service “the last mile”

China Meteorological News correspondent Li Yang reported that the Meteorological Bureau of Shandong Province has continuously improved the service efficiency of “one time to do a good job”, and formulated the “Implementation Plan for Meteorological Administrative Examination and Approval Service” and the affairs of government affairs into the government service network to announce and publish “zero errands”. The list of items and other measures will list and project the “one time to do a good job” task, decompose it into place and implement it to people, ensure that all measures are effective, and achieve high citizen satisfaction.
It is understood that in order to solve the problem of "difficult running errands", the Zibo Meteorological Bureau has continuously deepened the "Internet + Service" and actively incorporated the government's "Government Information Sharing Special Action" project, actively docking relevant departments, and designing lightning protection device design review and completion acceptance. All meteorological administrative examination and approval items are all "on the Internet", and strive to achieve "one network management" and "not meeting approval"; in combination with the actual situation, set up a service window in the administrative service hall, through the online circulation of certification materials, cross-acceptance with different departments, streamlining the process , compression time limit, and earnestly achieve "one window through"; set up a hotline to answer questions from the masses in a timely manner, vigorously promote the online service, "send the door to the door, the government pays the bill" service model, and approve the results through the network, express delivery, etc. Send it to the masses, do not need to pick up themselves, and really open up the "last mile" of serving the masses.

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Nov.19, 2018