Zhumadian: to increase lightning safety supervision to prevent accidents

China Meteorological News reported recently, Zhumadian Municipal Meteorological Bureau actual work in the city organized weather systems "due diligence investigation, in addition to risks, to ensure safety" activities. Through in-depth investigation, the effective implementation of lightning safety supervision responsibilities and their own responsibilities, to further increase lightning safety supervision and prevention, and strengthen law enforcement, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive management of security risks, strict implementation of management measures to resolutely prevent and curb all kinds of anti- lightning production safety accidents.

The event mainly the flammable and explosive places, new construction, renovation, expansion of building (structure) building materials, the city focused on (projects) projects and other key places lightning protection device complies with the relevant national norms and standards, lightning protection is in accordance with National laws and regulations and relevant departments of the periodic inspection system, lightning protection devices hidden rectification and routine maintenance situation, establish a sound mechanism for long-term improvement.

Through the "due diligence investigation, in addition to risks, to ensure safety" activities, carry out special inspections of mine safety and the formation of a long-term investigation and management mechanism, to create a good security environment, to ensure that people's lives and property safety.

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Aug. 03,2015