Zhumadian: Strengthening safety supervision in key areas Building a lightning protection “safety net”

China Meteorological News correspondent Wang Lu reported that the Meteorological Bureau of Henan Province recently dispatched professional and technical backbones to set up a joint law enforcement inspection team to integrate the safety production and the safety risk prevention and prevention system through the comprehensive management service platform for lightning protection and disaster reduction. Lightning risk zoning in administrative areas, highlighting the key use of key supervision platforms, and organizing lightning protection for hazardous chemicals,lightning, personnel-intensive and inflammable and explosive places, road transportation, construction, civil explosions, special equipment, etc. within the administrative area of ​​the city. Conducting pull-net security inspections in key regulatory areas to investigate and protect against lightning safety hazards.
The Joint Law Enforcement Inspection Team urges relevant enterprises to establish and improve the regular inspection and inspection of lightning protection devices, and the implementation of the installation and daily maintenance system of lightning protection devices; to investigate the safety hazards of lightning protection in key areas such as hazardous chemicals and inflammable and explosive places. Units with potential safety hazards issued a rectification proposal for hidden dangers, ordered to rectify within a time limit; and establish a list of responsibility for mine safety hazards.
The lightning safety awareness was further enhanced by checking and implementing the supervisory responsibilities of key regulatory authorities and the company's responsibility to implement lightning protection.

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July.22, 2019