Zhoukou to develop oil and gas pipeline safety protection program

Recently, in order to do the city's oil and gas pipeline lightning safety work, remove the security risks, to prevent major accidents, Zhoukou City, Henan Province Meteorological Bureau to develop "Zhoukou City Meteorological Bureau to focus on oil and gas transmission (Hereinafter referred to as "the program"), in the city within the solid gas and gas pipelines to carry out lightning special safety management work.

Special governance is carried out in four stages, namely, self-examination stage, sampling stage, rectification stage, summary stage. The scope of governance includes the city's oil and gas pipelines, the West-East Gas Pipeline (Zhoukou section), dangerous chemicals pipeline and urban gas pipeline network and other dangerous places pipeline, pipe network.

Program" requirements: one should attach great importance to strengthen leadership. Meteorological departments should fully understand the current and future period of the importance of lightning safety work, the deployment of specialized personnel, set up a special team to strengthen the location of security, development, public security, housing construction, quality supervision and other departments, clear Responsibility division of labor, carry out joint supervision and inspection. Second, to develop a program, careful deployment. Meteorological departments in accordance with the requirements, combined with local reality, to develop a detailed investigation of the area under the special investigation and rectification work program. Clear leadership, responsibility units, job responsibilities, work measures, time schedule, etc., to ensure that the task of rectification and rectification, responsibility to the people, measures in place, the effect is obvious. Third, we must clear responsibilities to strengthen the rectification. The relevant enterprises should take the initiative to do a good job self-examination. Investigation of the situation, rectification program and rectification results, to timely reporting. Meteorological departments to key areas, key links and key units to carry out key checks, identify problems, immediately rectification. Fourth, we must implement the responsibility to strengthen the investigation. All units should be "strict, fine, real" style, to the hidden dangers and problems "zero tolerance" attitude, layers of implementation of the safety investigation responsibility system. The investigation of the hidden trouble is not serious, supervision and inspection to take the form of hidden trouble rectification is not complete, according to the law investigation, serious accountability. Five to tackle the problem, improve the mechanism. All units should rule out the formation of good experience, good practice, timely summary of refining and curing into rules and regulations and standards. To safety checks throughout the daily safety management and supervision work, urging the establishment of horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end, to the depth of each job to investigate and rectify the hidden system, and strive to enhance the level of security.

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Feb.20, 2017