Zhidan: Strengthening law enforcement and law enforcement Strengthening the effectiveness of lightning protection safety supervision

China Meteorological News correspondent Niu Haixia reported Recently, the Zhidan County Meteorological Bureau of Shaanxi Province carried out lightning safety law enforcement inspections on inflammable and explosive places and dangerous enterprises in the county.
In accordance with the requirements of “double randomness and openness”, the inspection team went to dangerous enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Gas Company, and Civil Explosives to check whether there are hidden dangers of lightning protection, focusing on lightning protection equipment and lightning protection safety system for enterprises. Inspections shall be carried out on construction, meteorological disaster prevention emergency plans and implementation of safety responsible persons. Suggested rectifications for the identified safety hazards and urged the rectification within a time limit.
During the inspection process, law enforcement officers issued anti-revolution science propaganda materials to the responsible persons and safety management personnel of the inspected enterprises, and preached relevant lightning protection safety laws and regulations and knowledge on disaster prevention and reduction.

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Dec.03, 2018