Zhengzhou Ruihua Lightning Protection won the 2019 China Football Champion League Championship

2019 refueling China Champions League national finals ended in Xi'an on the afternoon of October 6th, Zhengzhou Ruihua Lightning Protection Team 1-0 Lecco defending champion Suzhou Jinfu New Material Team, Ruihua Lightning won the third refueling China Champions League nationwide champion. Beijing Dongren Automobile Team won the third place and Wuhan Jiansheng Team ranked fourth. Refueling the China Champions League is sponsored by China Sports Community (chinago.cn), amateur football tournaments organized by the city's amateur football leagues, and is currently the largest grassroots football event in China. In the 2019 season, 21 cities participated in the competition. More than 10,000 players from 360 teams participated in the competition. After more than 600 competitions in the city, division and regional competitions, they finally won the championship in Xi'an. The event is held every year on August 8th National Fitness Day. Refueling the China Champions League has become a model for the people to actively participate in the national fitness program. Refueling the China Champions League promotes the grassroots concept of "Happy Football", dilutes the trophy and emphasizes participation. The competition provides a platform for players from all over the country to show their football culture and friends. Since the founding of the China Champions League in 2008, the event has become the most desirable gathering for Chinese grassroots football players and an event that all players are looking forward to. Refueling China Sports Community official said, "Refueling China Champions League is a big gathering of the national grassroots team. If Chinese football wants to achieve long-term development, the mass base is still the key. I hope to cooperate with more amateur football organizers in the future. Let more people in China play the happy football, and everyone will do some basic work for the development of Chinese football. According to the organizing committee, the preparations for the 2011 Chinese Champions League have started. Next year's event will highlight the grassroots football culture characteristics. The participating teams need to establish their own team space in the refueling Chinese sports community, show the team style through the team space, and communicate through the platform gathered by the grassroots football team of the Chinese sports community. And the game inside the stadium will be just one of the ways to communicate with teams around the world.

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Oct. 07, 2019