Zhejiang: to carry out comprehensive improvement of lightning safety special action

A few days ago, reporters from the Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau, since August 17 in the province of Zhejiang launched a comprehensive lightning safety special rectification action, issued a job notice, to develop "anti-explosive areas lightning safety administration action program "(hereinafter referred to as" action plan ").

The comprehensive treatment of the main lightning areas for hazardous chemicals and other flammable and explosive goods, and key parts of the population gathering places high-rise buildings, power facilities, communication facilities, information systems, in order to harbor dangerous chemicals business unit, dangerous chemicals Tank, dangerous chemicals business, hazardous chemicals business market, fine chemical companies, petrochemical enterprises as the focus. Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau mine re-sort key units range, the province's meteorological authorities at all levels in accordance with the "action plan", and safety supervision, construction, public security (fire), education, health, economy, trade, culture, tourism and other related departments Synergistic Interaction , carried out jointly by lightning plant construction, lightning design and construction, lightning safety responsibility system, lightning protection system periodic testing, troubleshooting, comprehensive improvement of lightning safety, emergency rescue, lightning and other key units of the eight key elements.

Through joint law enforcement, conducted a thorough investigation, to cross-check, spot checks, "looking back", etc., check transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, missed a half, do not stay dead. The implementation of special treatment, "who check who signed and who is responsible" to ensure that not going through the motions, do not stay hidden; persistently investigation and rectification, rectification in place for timely security risks, will urge enterprises to take immediate measures to ensure the rectification in place, not immediate rectification of safety hazards, requires a clear rectification measures, responsibilities, timelines and plans.

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Aug. 24, 2015