Yuli: The government issued a document to strengthen the normative lightning disaster

Under the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bayinguoleng Yuli People's Government issued the "further strengthen and standardize lightning disaster reduction work notice" to further strengthen and standardize the county lightning mitigation.

The circular stressed, is to strengthen lightning disaster reduction, governments at all levels, is an important task and responsibility of various departments. Second, seriously implement lightning safety measures. Without passing the examination lightning construction drawings shall not be delivered without the acceptance of the lightning protection system can not be put into use, large and key projects and other construction to provide lightning risk assessment report. The third is to strengthen the lightning disaster reduction management. Lightning disaster reduction is a systematic project, the meteorological department is lightning administrations reduced to work, asked the township, county safety, housing construction and other departments to strictly implement the "Yuli lightning disaster reduction measures for implementation", together with the Bureau of Meteorology to do good disaster prevention and mitigation. Fourth, the strict implementation of the accountability system. On overdue rectification will be punished according to the law, resulting responsibility for the accident according to the law be held accountable. Fifth widely publicized lightning disaster reduction knowledge. She asked the county education, broadcasting and other departments with the good of the whole society Meteorological Bureau mine disaster reduction science advocacy.

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Apr. 04, 2016