Youyang County Meteorological Bureau to strengthen lightning safety management

China Meteorological News correspondent Zhang Dexian reported that in order to effectively strengthen the town of Youyang County, Chongqing lightning safety management, improve all kinds of buildings (structures) buildings, places (facilities) lightning disaster prevention capabilities to ensure safe and effective lightning protection device, a few days ago, Yangxian Meteorological Bureau in the "Youyang newspaper" issued "on the launch of the lightning protection device in 2014 to detect the work of the notice," the full start of the county in 2010 lightning protection device safety testing.

"Notice" to clear a class, two categories, three types of lightning construction (structure) and internal facilities and equipment, flammable and explosive places, all kinds of personnel intensive places, industrial plants, materials, warehouses, construction sites, temporary facilities As well as various types of communication facilities, networks, computer systems, radio and television facilities, municipal public facilities are included in the scope of lightning safety testing, and the implementation of regular inspection system, requiring the provisions of the scope of lightning protection facilities and lightning protection equipment, In the thunderstorm season before the arrival of the initiative to apply for testing to ensure the thunderstorm season lightning safety.

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July.03, 2017