Yongxin County Meteorological Bureau lightning disaster reduction knowledge into the campus

To further enhance students' awareness of the lightning disaster reduction, promote further promote its knowledge of meteorological science alive moving. Recently, the Bureau of Meteorology in Jiangxi Yongxin County Central Elementary School Takahashi Louzhen lesson lively "lightning disaster prevention self-help" seminars.

The seminar aims to improve students' ability to lightning disaster and self-help. In the lecture, the experts detailed description of the lightning classification, causes and processes to the students, to learn the basic theory of lightning were explain in simple terms. He then combined with a variety of thunder and lightning disaster experience to teach students to cope with lightning set of scientific methods and first aid essentials, plain language and vivid case so that we understand: the face of natural disasters such as lightning, actively how important is prevention and self-help. Teachers and distributed to the participants meteorological knowledge brochure illustrations of more than 1,000 copies.

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Mar. 14, 2016