Yangzhou: Meteorological Tower signed a strategic cooperation agreement

China Meteorological News correspondent Zhong Yuxiang reported, the Yangzhou Meteorological Bureau of Jiangsu Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yangzhou Branch of China Railway Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yangzhou Tower”). The two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in the construction and maintenance of meteorological monitoring points, intelligent meteorological and meteorological big data demonstration applications, jointly develop and upgrade the level of infrastructure construction and sharing, and jointly promote the planning of key areas such as meteorological facilities and mobile communication infrastructure. And construction.
The Municipal Meteorological Bureau will provide Yangzhou Iron Tower with weather warning information such as lightning and wind in the city, play the role of lightning protection and disaster reduction supervision, guide the daily maintenance of mobile communication base stations in the city, and do a good job in lightning protection and disaster reduction of mobile communication base stations in the city; Yangzhou Tower will participate in the city's meteorological Observing the daily maintenance of the observation site and detecting the environmental protection work, improving the network of meteorological observation stations, ensuring the coverage of meteorological information collection and returning, and taking advantage of the comprehensive service providers of mobile communication infrastructure to accelerate the research and development of “Internet + Meteorology” products. Promote optimization and upgrading of meteorological management and meteorological services.

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Nov.05, 2018