Xining Huangzhong: Joint District Emergency Management Bureau launches lightning protection safety inspection

From June 28th to 29th, the Huangzhong District Meteorological Bureau, Xining City, Qinghai Province, the United District Emergency Management Bureau, conducted a report on Xining Xingwei Gas Industry Co., Ltd., Huang Zhongrun Gas Co., Ltd. Zhuanglong Gas Station, and China National Petroleum Corporation. Seven key location units including the Huangzhongshang Xinzhuang Gas Station of Qinghai Sales Branch carried out safety production inspections.
During the inspection, the staff implemented the lightning protection safety responsibility system for key hazardous chemical enterprises and gas stations and other flammable and explosive places, installation specifications for lightning protection devices, regular safety inspections, system updates, emergency plan formulation drills, safety education and training, etc. The situation was checked. For the hidden safety hazards discovered during the inspection, the staff issued a rectification notice on the spot, requesting that the rectification be in place within a time limit.
Through joint law enforcement inspections, enterprises have further enhanced their awareness of safe production responsibility for lightning protection and static electricity prevention, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the stable economic and social development of the region.

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July. 05, 2021