Xinhe: Conducting safety inspection of lightning protection at the end of the year

China National Meteorological News correspondent Li Guiying Liu Qiang reported that the Xinhe County Meteorological Bureau of Aksu District, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region carried out safety inspection and protection work for lightning protection facilities.
The staff will carry out the implementation of the safety production responsibility system for the refueling and refueling stations in Xinhe County, the maintenance and repair of lightning protection safety facilities, the annual inspection of lightning protection facilities, whether the anti-static grounding facilities are loose or disconnected, and the distribution box has No installation of power protectors and other conditions were checked, and the company responsible person signed a lightning protection safety production responsibility book, on-site issued lightning protection safety manual to improve the lightning protection awareness of enterprises.
The law enforcement inspection further implemented the main responsibility of the company's lightning protection safety, improved the mine's lightning safety management level and lightning protection safety production awareness, and played a role in promoting lightning protection supervision.

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Oct.15, 2018