Wugang: carrying out special law enforcement inspection of lightning protection in scenic spots

China Meteorological News correspondent Wang Yafei Zhang Hongchang reported On March 13th, the Wugang Municipal Meteorological Bureau of Henan Province and the Municipal Tourism Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspections on lightning protection for the 4A-level scenic spots such as Erlang Mountain and Dengtai.
By listening to reports, checking accounts, and conducting on-site surveys, law enforcement officers focus on three aspects: First, whether the building (construction) and facilities are installed in accordance with national lightning protection technical standards and laws and regulations; The lightning protection devices for lightning protection sites in newly built, rebuilt or expanded scenic spots are reported to the competent authorities for design review and completion acceptance according to law; the third is the implementation of lightning protection safety management measures for scenic spots. For the hidden dangers of lightning protection in the scenic spot, the law enforcement personnel of the Wugang Municipal Meteorological Bureau put forward rectification opinions, and urged the scenic area management and management units to rectify the time limit to eliminate potential safety hazards.

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Mar.18, 2019