Wudi: Signed an agreement with the Emergency Management Bureau to establish an emergency response mechanism

Shandong Wudi County Meteorological Bureau and County Emergency Management Bureau held a joint meeting of departments to conduct in-depth work on weather disaster emergency response linkage, forecast and warning release, information and data sharing, artificial weather safety, and lightning protection safety supervision. Discuss and sign a cooperation framework agreement.
According to the agreement, the two parties will strengthen departmental collaboration, strengthen emergency management and weather service information data sharing; jointly carry out the construction of grassroots comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration communities, promote the integration of grassroots emergency management personnel, disaster information personnel, and weather information personnel, and establish disaster monitoring Joint construction and sharing mechanism of facilities, early warning communication channels, and service stations; establish an emergency response linkage mechanism, improve the risk monitoring and early warning linkage consultation mechanism; jointly carry out popular science publicity activities, and jointly raise public awareness of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief; artificially affect the weather Work is incorporated into the county's comprehensive supervision of production safety; establish a coordinated supervision mechanism and information sharing mechanism for lightning protection and safety to form a joint force for safety supervision. 

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Dec. 20, 2021