Why does Thunderbolt love to "walk" to the football stadium

Football stadiums are generally built in empty flat areas, and the strong wind can easily “drive straight in”, pass through here smoothly, and quickly rub against the football stadium to generate a lot of static electricity. And the blowing clouds over the sky often carry a large amount of charge. A huge capacitor is formed in the sky and the ground. The charges in the capacitor are induced and transferred to each other, and they are triggered immediately.
At the same time, thunder and lightning are companions of storms and rains. In the humid air, one by one the football players are like chickens and chickens. It is "the calamity is imminent" and "the crisis is at stake". Once the "tip discharge", it will be dead or injured, and it is difficult to escape.
Therefore, experts especially remind amateur players to never play outdoors on rainy days.

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Dec. 16, 2019