Which places need to lightning?

1. Lightning protection of computer rooms, computer networks, power systems, and signal lines

2. Lightning protection of  Security systems ( CCTV systems, access control, building intercom, parking )

3. Lightning protection of Industrial Distribution Cabinet ( board ) power supply and signal control line

4. Lightning protection of power and signal lines of industrial automation and control systems

5. Lightning protection of Mobile communication base stations, microwave communications station and other wireless communication facilities and power system and signal lines

6. Intelligent Building strength systems, and a variety of signal lines, buildings lightning protection

7. Lightning protection of Petroleum, chemical, military, highways, railways, radio and television, electricity, aviation, finance and securities

8. Lightning protection of wild weather, radar, satellite monitoring and receiving systems, water and environmental monitoring stations and other data acquisition system

9. General home TV, computer, network, electrical equipment SPD

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