which object easy to be attacked by lightning

Lightning "love" at the tip of the discharge, so when a thunderstorm, people walking in the wilderness, carrying with iron or metal tools, or riding on a motorcycle, or sheltering in the poles and trees, people or objects easily become the object of which attracted the lightning discharge. Top or edges and corners of the building, it is very vulnerable to lightning; moreover, metal objects and lines are likely to be the best path of lightning. Therefore, understanding these rules on the prevention of lightning has a very important significance.

(1) towering prominent buildings, such as towers, tower, towering billboards.
(2) discharge conductive dust, plant waste gas heat columns, pipes, etc.
(3) inside a large metal plant equipment.
(4) isolated in the wilderness of prominent buildings and trees in nature.
(5) various metal TV antenna and roof projections, such as flagpoles.
(6) building roof protruding parts and objects, such as chimneys, pipes, solar water heaters, as well as the roof and eaves, etc.

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