Whether the closed socket can prevent lightning ?

Whether the closed socket can prevent lightning ? 

Nowadays, television , computers and other household products are often being attacked , some users make socket line switch been off, but it was struck by lightning . In this case, experts point out that , if the computer in the power cord and the telephone line surge arresters are not installed , we should put power lines and telephone lines are unplugged. Note : It is not unplug off ! Generally hundreds of thousands of volts voltage lightning , can breakdown the computer's power switch ! Shutdown is of no use, roof tops lightning is useless . 

It is understood that the lightning is divided into two areas: external and internal lightning. External lightning  protection means building, the main measures is to install air terminals ( lightning rod , belt, mesh, wire , metal structures , etc. ) , to prevent the building damage caused by lightning strikes . But if struck by lightning in the distance power lines or telephone lines , lightning current will follow the line into the room, then the external lightning protection device has no effect , so also the need for internal lightning protection devices. Internal lightning protection devices mainly refers shielding, grounding , and other potential connections, wiring and installation arrester reasonable , its role is to enter the lightning current along the road on the ground to protect the back of the exhausting equipment.

Experts suggest that the conditional family can consider installing TV feeder lightning , power surge protector, surge protective device of telephones , the role of the arrester is from the line of invasion lightning electromagnetic pulses shunt voltage limiter to achieve with lightning protection appliances safety.

Of course, if none of these devices to temporarily install or no conditions , unplug all plugs are still one of the best emergency measures.

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