What is Euipotential Bonding

Equipotential bonding is inside the building and the building itself, all metal structures all busbar or wire electrical connections, so that the normal non-charged conductor of the whole building is electrically connected state.

Potential connection defined by the U.S. National Electrical Code is: "permanent connection to the metal body to form a conductive path, it should ensure that continuous electrical conductivity and may be expected to increase its current safety guide go . "

GB50057-94 and other potential connections define separate device, such as conductive object, such as equipotential bonding conductors or surge protector connected together to reduce the potential generated by the lightning current between them. "

GB50343-2004 definition of "equipment and leakage of the electrical conductive part of the potential is basically the same connection."

GB50054-95 defined so that the exposed conductor can be the conductive part of the potential is basically the same electrical connection to conductive parts and devices. "

Equipotential Bonding role in the whole building to a certain extent, it can reduce the potential difference between the indirect contact electric shock inside a building and touch voltages of different metal parts, and eliminate from outside the building harm to the voltage of electrical wiring and a variety of metal pipes, the introduction of the risk of failure. It should be a line distribution box near the ground mother row (Equipotential bonding terminal board) following conductive parts connected to each other:

Busbar of the - line distribution box, PE (PEN);

- Utilities, metal pipes, above, water, heat, gas and other pipelines;

- Building metal structures;

- If you set up artificial ground, including the ground electrode lead.

Residential buildings do Equipotential Bonding prevents the TN system power supply lines in PE and PEN-line conduction introduction of fault voltage lead to electrical shock, but has reduced the chances of potential difference, electric arc, electric spark occurred, to avoid ground fault caused by electrical fire accidents and personal electrical shock; mine safety necessary. Therefore, each power supply in the building into the line, usually with Equipotential Bonding terminal board, connection with the metal pipe and metal structural components into the building by the general equipotential bonding terminal board.

Supplementary equipotential bonding (SEB): directly connected with a wire between the conductive part of the potential to equal or similar, called the auxiliary potential connection.

Local equipotential (LEB): all conductive parts connected to a local place within, called the local equipotential. Local equipotential terminal board connected to each other the following sections:

- PE bus or PE line;

- Utilities, metal pipes;

- Building metal structures;

Equipotential bonding is mainly various protective effect:

(1) Lightning Protection IEC standards, equipotential bonding is part of the internal lightning protection measures. When lightning strikes the building, lightning transfer gradient, vertically adjacent layer of the metal framework of the node on the potential difference may be up to 10kV order of magnitude, the danger great. Equipotential bonding layer column reinforcement, building metal structures, metal devices, electrical devices, telecommunications devices to connect to form an equipotential connect to the network to prevent direct lightning stroke, lightning, or other forms of mine to avoid fire, explosion, life is in danger and equipment damage.

Electrostatic protection electrostatic distribution within the dielectric surface or volume, and surface charge at rest in the insulated conductors. Transmission or separation of solid insulating materials, transport or mixing powder material flow or erosion of insulating liquids, high-speed jet of steam or gas, will produce and accumulate dangerous static electricity. Static electricity but the voltage is high, easy to produce a spark discharge, causing fire, explosion or electrical shock. Equipotential bonding electrostatic charge to collect and send to the grounding grid, in order to eliminate and prevent electrostatic hazards.

Electromagnetic interference protection in the power supply system failure or direct lightning stroke discharge process, a strong pulse current formed around the wire or metal object electromagnetic induction, in which sensitive electronic equipment, can cause data loss, system crashes. Typically, the shield is the basic measure to reduce electromagnetic destruction, room system interface equipotential bonding, to ensure good electrical connection between the shielding and equipment enclosure, minimizing the potential difference, the external current can not penetrate a system able to effective protection from electromagnetic interference.

Electric shock protection in June 1999, the Ministry of Construction, "Residential Design Code", a less striking terms: in the town of new residential bathroom should do the equipotential bonding. Experts popular explanation is: the bathroom equipotential bonding is to protect you will not be electrocuted in the bath. Electric water heater, bidet, electric wall, Yuba, as well as traditional lamps. Have the risk of leakage, electrical equipment enclosure links with the PE wire, may still be enough to cause injury potential, short circuit, insulation aging, neutral point offset or outside lightning, cause the bathroom to a dangerous potential difference, the possibility of electrical shock, if the people itself determined the cerebral aspects of the disease, more serious consequences. Equipotential bonding of electrical equipment enclosure and the floor wall potential are equal, can greatly avoid electric shock, injury, its principle is similar to the bird standing on high-voltage, due to the potential difference between the parts of the body without a shock.

The ground fault protection phase line completely shorted to ground, the PE line will produce a fault voltage. Equipotential bonding, the potential of connected devices and PE line shell and surrounding areas in the fault voltage, and thus will not generate a potential difference caused by electric shock hazard.

Equipotential bonding is just a simple wire connection to the equipment used is only potential box and copper wire, but it can eliminate security risks, so can not be destroyed.