What is a spherical lightning?

The most common is the linear shape, spherical lightning appears very little, but for more than half a century, humans have recorded more than 4,000 spherical lightning phenomenon.
According to meteorological experts, spherical lightning is like a fireball, about the size of a basketball, and occasionally a few meters or even tens of meters in diameter. Most of the spherical lightning will appear in the bad weather of strong thunderstorms. Spherical lightning has a temper, and it is drilled from the seams, often from the doors and windows, chimneys, and even the gaps. Sometimes it can penetrate and burn at a speed of about 2 meters per second. It generally moves in the horizontal direction, sometimes staying in the air or moving slowly. Some spherical lightning can spin on the move, and some bounce back. It makes a squeak when it moves, and when it disappears, it emits a loud bang, and the vibration energy destroys the general building. Since the air emitted a chemical reaction during the explosion, ozone and nitric oxide were formed, so the spherical lightning disappeared and there was an unpleasant smell.
The main method to prevent spherical lightning is to close the doors and windows, to prevent the spherical lightning from drifting into the room; if the spherical lightning accidentally drifts into the room, do not run, because the spherical lightning generally follows the airflow. If you encounter a spherical lightning in the wild, don't move it. You can pick up the stones around you and throw it away. Push the ball lightning away to avoid accidentally injuring the crowd.

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Oct. 21, 2019