What are the general rules for electromagnetic pulse protection of buildings?

 1. In addition to complying with the relevant provisions of other chapters of this code, the anti-lightning electromagnetic pulses shall also meet the basic requirements specified in this chapter.
2. Whether an information system needs anti-lightning electromagnetic pulses should be carefully analyzed and considered after completing direct and indirect damage assessment and construction and maintenance investment forecasting, so as to be safe, applicable and economical.
3. In the case of a building with an information system that needs to be protected against lightning strike electromagnetic pulses, when the building is not equipped with a direct lightning protection device and is not within the protection range of other buildings or objects, it should be protected according to the third category. Lightning protection measures shall be taken against lightning strikes on the buildings. In the case that shielding is to be considered, a lightning protection net should be used for an anti-lightning lightning arrester.
4. Without knowing the scale and specific location of the information system during the design phase of the project, if an information system is expected in the future, the natural components such as the metal support, metal frame or reinforced concrete reinforcement of the building should be designed during the design , Metal pipelines, protective grounding systems for power distribution, etc., form a common grounding system with lightning protection devices, and equipotential bonding plates should be embedded in some suitable places.
5. In order to analyze and estimate the current distribution in the lightning protection device and the device with the equipotential connection, the lightning current should be regarded as a current generator, which is equipotentially connected to the conductor of the lightning protection device and the lightning protection device. The device injects a lightning current that may contain several lightning strikes.

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April. 27, 2020