Weishi County Bureau: improve the power grid lightning protection capacity

Recently, Weishi County Power Supply Bureau staff in the town of Shibalidou transmission and distribution lines lightning detection device replacement, improve power grid lightning protection capacity, to avoid the occurrence of lightning accidents.

As the temperature continues to rise, the weather into the high incidence of thunderstorms, in order to reduce damage caused by lightning caused by electrical equipment. Since May, the leadership of the Council attaches great importance to the overall conduct of lightning protection within the overall work, the timely development of lightning protection measures and lightning storm contingency plans in advance of the deployment of the summer lightning protection work, focusing on the tower, lines, substations Lightning protection devices and grounding devices for inspection and inspection, increase the intensity of equipment line maintenance and found unqualified, serious corrosion of the grounding wire and the arrester in time for replacement. To strengthen communication with the meteorological department, thunderstorms require personnel to increase the number of key line equipment visits to ensure safe and stable operation of thunderstorm weather grid equipment.

It is reported that the Council to carry out lightning protection through the work of lightning protection equipment to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, improve power grid lightning protection capacity for lightning weather grid equipment safe and stable operation to lay a solid foundation.

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Dec. 05, 2016