Waterfall electric plant is carrying out Lightning Detection of building and electrical equipment

 Guodian Dadu River Waterfall electric plant has actively organized the members of  testing Center   in Hanyuan BureauMeteorologymine to test Ouse River Camp , dock warehouse, waterfall ditch plant, and equipment for safety  . They fully understand the importance and necessity of  safety , regard it  as a priority the protection of corporate life and property safety .

Lightning is one of the main meteorological disasters , is also one of the important causes of serious  accidents. so the lightning detection can not have any omissions , once the existence of lightning hazard , the consequences will be very serious.

 In order to strengthen the security of  equipment and to ensure the equipment can  well run , the Plant invited the Bureau of Meteorology Hanyuan relevant personnel come to the scene and conduct lightning detection, measuring ground resistance measurements, ensure that each individual device don't leave any blind spots, should be seized will be seized , preventive measures, effective prevention and containment safety hazards .

Annual testing of lightning surge protection device to check with the original report focused on the use of the building design is consistent , lightning equipment is intact, identify problems and timely that the deadline for correction. only by this way , we can ensure that buildings and plant distribution equipment to get lightning protection.

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