Watch out for thunderstorms during summer climbing

The weather in the mountainous areas in summer is changeable, and tourists must pay attention to safety if they want to climb happily.
Pay attention to rest to prevent heatstroke
In summer mountaineering activities, due to vigorous exercise and excessive physical exertion, especially when the water and salt lost in the body are not supplemented in time, fever fainting is prone to occur.
Therefore, summer mountaineering should pay special attention to avoid excessive physical exertion activities, pay attention to rest and maintain physical strength. You should drink more water or beverages containing salt to supplement the electrolyte loss in the body in time. Once heat fainting occurs, the patient should be moved to a cool place to lie down as soon as possible. If the patient is conscious, let him drink some cold water slowly. If the patient sweats a lot, or has cramps, diarrhea, or vomiting, he should add salt to drink in water (one teaspoon per kilogram of water). If the patient has lost consciousness, he should lie down in a prone position, rest fully until the symptoms are relieved, and then be sent to the hospital for treatment.
Timely avoid lightning and lightning protection
It is easy to encounter thunder in outdoor activities in summer, and there is no reliable way to avoid being injured by lightning. But if you are besieged by a cloud group about to thunder on the mountain, there are the following methods to minimize the possibility of being hit by lightning:
First of all, avoid going into places that are wet or that already have water. Usually, thunder and lightning will bring rain, so it is best to step on a plastic sheet or other insulator such as a backpack, wear a raincoat to avoid getting wet, and then squat down.
The place that can avoid being injured by lightning, generally speaking, is away from the low ridge of the platform or in the dense woods, and it is also better under the big rocks. However, it is dangerous to start moving after the ground is wet. You must find a place of refuge quickly before it rains. If you want to hide next to a big tree or a big rock, avoid hiding directly under it, and squat down and take refuge in a circle that is slightly away from these hidden objects and the distance radius from the hidden objects is the same as these hidden objects. .
According to research, the effect is most significant when the height is below 1/5~1/10 of the height of these trees and rocks. Finally, one thing to note is that all metal objects you carry on your body should be taken off and placed in your backpack, especially metal frame glasses.
Don't just drink the spring water on the mountain
According to experts, mountaineering should pay attention to drinking water hygiene. Many people found the spring water when they climbed the mountain and felt cool and thirst, so regardless of the three-seven-two-one, it is a bad habit to drink happily. Because the harmful minerals in some springs exceed the standard, and some places are seriously polluted, drinking it is not good for health. Generally speaking, the correct order of drinking water is: distilled water, boiled water and disinfected and purified tap water, mountain springs and deep well water. Rivers, rivers, ponds and lakes must not be drunk raw. Use melons and fruits to replace water when necessary.
In addition, due to the high water consumption when traveling, it is better to eat more soups and light foods. It is best to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, with some lean meats, and try to eat less fried and greasy foods to prevent indigestion.
Visitors should exercise restraint in eating and drinking in vehicles, ships or airplanes. When riding, because there is no exercise condition, the digestion process of food is prolonged and the speed slows down. If you do not eat in moderation, it will inevitably increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Visitors should learn to identify whether the restaurant is up to standard. The general criteria for eligibility should be: a sanitary license, a clean water source, disinfection equipment, fresh food materials, no mosquitoes, dust-proof equipment, and a clean environment. The payee does not touch the food and keeps a considerable distance between the money ticket and the food.

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Nov. 16, 2020