FATECH Electronic (FOSHAN) CO., LTD. supplies five-years warranty on surge protective devices, and supply maintenance services in lifetime. During the warranty period, users can enjoy free maintenance service provided by our company, beyond the warranty period, the users only need to pay for the cost of maintenance.
This warranty was established according to the following terms:

1. The warranty time 5 years is from the date of leaving Fatech company.

2. The user proper installation and use of this product according to relevant surge protective standards (IEC 61643.11:2011).

3. The following cases not covered under warranty:

1) Due to accident, misuse, incorrect installation caused any damage;
2) Because of power network failure and lead to abnormal power network voltage caused the damage;
3) Due to fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster caused damage.
4) Products not purchased from Fatech directly or Fatech authorized dealer.