Vietnam power industry investment reach 200 trillion rupiah in 2006-2010

During year 2006-2010, Vietnam power industry investment reach 200 trillion rupiah.

It is reported, the State Electricity Group of Vietnam (EVN) said that during stage 2006-2009, EVN established and under establishing 29 projects, with a total power of 11,820 MW, with a total investment of Rp 206.68 trillion. Seven power projects put into operation in 2010, with a total capacity of 2130 MW. Meanwhile, EVN will start the construction of four total power of 2216 MW project.

Reported that the total power of the Vietnamese national electricity is 15,763 MW, EVN electricity accounted for 68%. Hydropower's share of 33.4%. At present, Vietnam National 110-500KV high-voltage wire total length is over 23,694 km, medium and low voltage wire and a total length is 277,520 km.

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