Users connected to the grid-side power have got IEC standard for project proposals

Recently, Users connected to the grid-side power have got IEC standard for project proposals. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee electricity supply system (IECTC8) sent a letter to Secretary of Simon Burton National Standardization Management Committee, and agreed that China National Committee on IECTC8 launched the "user-side power connection to the grid," officially approved standard proposal, agreed to establish a working group carry out related works. The success of the standard project proposal is State Grid Corporation of smart grid standards of international work is another major breakthrough.

In early 2010, the State Grid Corporation of the standard proposal put forward ideas and organize experts prepared to proceed in accordance with IEC requirements proposed standards. Proposal on May 27, 2010 submitted to the IEC, after several rounds of comments to finalize the TC8 centralized management, and in September 23, 2011 for a period of three months from the voting, in order to determine whether you can project.

January 6, 2012, the proposal to complete the IEC Vote: 22 members voted, 16 member states in favor, 72.7% support rate, but only in Australia, China and the German National Committee to nominate experts to participate in the working group, does not meet the IEC rule "at least five participating countries voted" standard project conditions. Rules allow companies to take advantage of the one month period, have successfully fought for Italy and Korea National Committee to support and officially nominated experts to participate in the working group. Thus, the "user-side power grid-connected" standard project proposal meets the conditions, the final approved project.

IEC will soon officially set up a new working group to begin the preparation of standards, which enhance network security and interactivity to enhance China's international influence in the field of standardization, promoting global smart grid technological progress is important.