U.S. supplier of circuit protection products acquired the circuit switch manufacturer

U.S. supplier of circuit protection products Littel fuse, recently acquired circuit switch manufacturer Cole Hersee.
Littel fuse automotive division, vice president and general manager Dieter Roder, said: "The acquisition of Cole Hersee expansion of our business, trucks and buses an important strategic step, this acquisition will increase our customer base and sales network. "
Cole Hersee Donald Mayer, vice president, says: "Littelfuse merger will enable us to provide more and better products and services. "
Cole Hersee supplies all kinds of circuit switches and modules, the main target for the heavy industry supply trucks, construction vehicles, ambulances, and boats and so on.
Littel fuse circuit protection products to focus on the design and production, the use of a wide range of its products, including the convenience of electronic products, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, automotive electronics and telecommunications equipment.