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Type 1+2 12.5kA 3 phase 4 poles Surge Arrester

Item No: FV12.5B+C/4-275
1.Class I+II / Type 1+2 surge protective devices.
2.For using in the lightning protection zones concept at boundary 1-2.
3.The core parts are metal oxide varistor components with high discharge capacity.
4. Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic control disconnector.
5. WithoutRemote signaling contact for control device.

6. Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window.
7. Protection mode--- L1, L2, L3,N-PE

Product Description

1.Coding system

2.Dimension and circuit of surge arresterFV12.5B+C/4-275

3.Electrical parametersofsurge arresterFV12.5B+C/4-275

4.Installation ofsurge arresterFV12.5B+C/4-275