Tongchuan lightning circuit has a "weapon"

Dec 15, with the Tongchuan power supply company Yintai Wang Yi power supply company under the jurisdiction of the 6-kilovolt Xiongnu line pole zinc oxide surge arresters, replaced with "non-power cutless metal oxide surge arresters," marking the company with the distribution network Peak rush summer lightning protection with lightning weapon.
It is understood that the company's distribution operation and maintenance team using a blackout overhaul has been under the jurisdiction of the Wang River, Wang derogatory, emerging and other four lines of the outgoing rod arrester has been replaced to improve the line of lightning protection capabilities, and for daily Lay a good foundation for maintenance work.
July and August each year, are Tongchuan lightning prone season. Distribution lines suffer frequent lightning failure, causing ground from time to time, affecting the normal power supply, causing great inconvenience to the operation and maintenance. How to reduce and prevent line faults caused by lightning strikes has become a problem faced by power distribution line operation and maintenance personnel.
At present, the zinc oxide surge arresters widely used in the distribution lines have the advantages of simple structure and obvious lightning protection effect, but they are difficult to find during the actual operation, and are not damaged by the lightning once they are damaged by the lightning , Resulting in ground fault. Part of the installation of a detached zinc oxide arrester, the point of failure is easy to find, but need to be replaced by power outages, affecting the reliability of power supply.
In the overhaul of the full application of new technology, new technologies, new products, to the printing plate Wang Yi company distribution operation and maintenance of a class to solve the problem has brought new ideas. Recent team to replace the "uninterrupted gapless metal oxide surge arrester" (XCCKGB-17 / 50TLB), with the metal oxide surge arrester with advanced concepts and uninterruptible power fuses principle combines both the metal oxide surge arresters Overvoltage protection, but also in the event of anomalies, the frequency of short-circuit current to work out of the separator, the ground automatically disconnect, arrester drop out of operation, with the insulation rod off fault arrester, replace qualified surge arresters into operation.
The application of "non-power cut gap metal oxide surge arrester" fundamentally solves the problem of arrester failure point not easy to find, replacement requires power outage, ensures the continuity and reliability of power supply lines, reduces the workload of operation and maintenance, saves Manpower, improve work efficiency.

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Jan.02, 2017