Tibet Strengthening the Season Lightning Disaster Prevention in Cordyceps Harvesting

Recently, the Tibet Autonomous Region Bureau of Meteorology issued "on the strengthening of Cordyceps excavation season lightning disaster prevention work notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), from four aspects of the arrangements for the deployment of defense work.

"Notice" that the Cordyceps excavation season coincides with the strong convective weather activities in Tibet more frequent periods of hail, thunderstorms, and short-term heavy rainfall caused by flash floods, mudslides and other secondary disasters easily to the people of life and property damage .

"Notice" requirements: First, strengthen the organization and leadership, and strengthen the responsibility, fully aware of the importance of lightning disaster prevention and urgency, and further strengthen the organization of lightning disaster prevention and protection of the leadership of the lightning period of Cordyceps mine safety production work Re-mobilization, re-deployment and re-implementation. The second is to strengthen the monitoring and forecasting early warning business, and actively carry out lightning weather, lightning area and damage levels of lightning monitoring analysis and forecasting early warning business, improve the linkage mechanism to strengthen the lightning monitoring, short-term and near warning. Third, strengthen the lightning risk assessment and lightning disaster investigation, identification, information collection, the establishment of a sound lightning incident reporting system, not concealed, not omission, good newspaper, not false. The establishment of accountability system for lightning accidents, due to lightning disaster prevention work is not in place or disaster emergency disposal can not force a major accident, will be held accountable for the responsibility of the personnel. Fourth, strengthen and pay attention to scientific propaganda, scientific hedging, according to the actual sector, in accordance with the "scientific hedging, effective prevention" approach, combined with typical cases, in-depth remote villages, remote disaster prevention and emergency safety knowledge and education And training, to take easy to understand the language to explain the principle of lightning events to eliminate some of the people's superstition and fear, and effectively improve the people's awareness of security and emergency rescue self-help ability to effectively reduce and eliminate the excavation Cordyceps sinensis caused by lightning events.

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Oct. 24, 2016