Thunderstruck same roof at the two as "random phenomenon"

South Taishan Baisha town have reported lower punch Women's waterside village, there are two beams of a house was struck by lightning in the news recently Taishan lightning detection facilities sent staff to check that it is struck by lightning twice It is random phenomenon, no other reason.

Staff Taishan lightning owner of the first to climb the roof, to see the place was struck by lightning and the surrounding environment, and photographed them. According to the director of the lightning by the Taishan City Wu Guoyu introduction, Taishan are strong thunderstorm area, the average thunderstorm days, 86 days, up to that year, a record 132 days. Generally located at the junction of waterways belonging to a higher position where the probability of lightning, fall from the sky Chong Tan village waterside village is located on the waterfront, it is a lightning-prone areas, and therefore susceptible to lightning strikes.

Speculation mounted on the beams for the said angle iron and steel products easily lead before lightning owner, Wusuo Zhang explained that the steel beams on the conductive indeed possible, but if there is no turning steel floor, there is the phenomenon of lightning may occur Watch . However, this does not hit more than twice as lightning t explain the reasons for houses, because the structure of two rooms connected congruence t, height is the same. Therefore, it only shows that more than two-tert-roof phenomenon of lightning randomness.

In the detection of the day, City staff also with the lightning site to distribute information pamphlets to the village the villagers, so that they understand and know how to prevent and to ensure their own safety in thunderstorms.

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Nov. 23, 2015