Thunderstorm season has been to guard against lightning strikes

China Meteorological News reporter Yuan Changhuan reported, who lives in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, eight of the town of bright village Zhang on the way home, suddenly saw a distant hillside, a group of sheep body, next to a dead The The public security department and meteorological experts to determine the man and her grazing sheep unfortunately suffered a lightning crash.

This unfortunate event reminds us that the thunderstorm season has to be guarded against lightning disasters. In the summer season, due to the strong temperature rise of the ground, resulting in air convection to strengthen, and produce different nature of the charge, especially when the thunderstorm cloud generated, the cloud between the various parts of the cloud, between everywhere is the electric field. On average, the intensity of the electric field in the cloud can reach thousands or even thousands of volts per centimeter. When the cloud inside the powerful potential difference, there will be different shapes of lightning.

Lightning can be divided into direct lightning, induction lightning (including the side of the lightning, contact voltage), step voltage three. Direct lightning due to the opposite of the ground near the high concentration of electric charge, the electric field is enhanced, the current is very strong, the peak value of tens of thousands of amps, once hit, the human body is often unable to survive Induction lightning can be divided into the side of the lightning and contact voltage, the side of the lightning is due to an object was struck by lightning, the strong voltage and current, will breakdown the nearby body and the object between the air, causing damage; Contact voltage refers to the moment in the lightning, the body became part of the object was hit, the degree of damage depends on the size of the body to the ground between the resistance. Step voltage refers to the lightning strike area where the potential difference between the steps, this time if the person in the dry position, poor conductivity, generally nothing, or easy to crash.

Lightning damage to the human body there are three ways: First, a strong lightning pulse current through the heart, the victim will appear ventricular fibrillation, the heart blood function dysfunction or heart to stop beating; Second, when the lightning current damage to the lower respiratory center of the brain, So that the victim to stop breathing; Third, when the strong current through the body, it will cause burns or lead to sudden muscle contraction, fall injury, serious cause death.

In order to prevent lightning production and life to bring harm, we should bear in mind some mine knowledge. First, the thunderstorm days away from the poles, ancient pagodas, independent trees, isolated hut and other prominent objects, do not swim or boating in the water. When going out, it is best to wear rubber shoes, the use of plastic rain gear, raincoats, try not to use metal rain gear. Field workers should take the initiative to put down the hands of the iron tools, not iron bars, hoes held too high to prevent lightning induction. In the field, to avoid a lot of people together, if the surrounding flat, should try to squat, feet close together, hands on the legs, except legs and feet, the other parts of the body do not touch the ground. In addition, thunderstorm days should stop large-scale sports competitions, athletes on the track vulnerable to lightning.

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Mar.20, 2017