Three reasons cause strong lightning

Reporter interviewed Ji Hai, director of the Provincial (City) Lightning Protection Center yesterday
Journalist: Why is thunder and lightning so strong?
Ji Hai: There are three main reasons: First, the subtropical high. Since late September, the subtropical high has been trapped over Chengdu, putting Chengdu in the southwestern warm and humid airflow on the edge of the subtropical high, resulting in high temperatures, high humidity, weak wind, and the atmosphere Extremely unstable; the second is the high-altitude cold airflow. Starting from the night before, a high-altitude cold airflow appeared over Chengdu, slipped to a low level, intersected with the warm and humid airflow, and collided. Landing on the coast of Guangdong, and moving northwest, brought abundant water vapor and atmospheric energy to Chengdu. Under the combined effects of these three factors, Chengdu's lightning and thunder roared in the end.
Correspondent: With such a strong thunderstorm, the citizens have speculated, is it a sign of another big earthquake?
Wu Jihai: This severe thunderstorm has nothing to do with the earthquake! Although the duration is long and the history of intensity is rare, this is a natural discharge phenomenon in the atmosphere and has nothing to do with the earthquake.
Reporter: For this thunderstorm, Chengdu Meteorological Observatory has issued important weather news and issued a yellow rainstorm warning, but why did such a strong thunderstorm not issue a lightning warning?
Ji Jihai: For this severe thunderstorm, the lightning potential forecast has been released, including the approximate area, time and probability of lightning occurrence within 0-12 hours. However, this forecast is currently only inside the meteorological department and not released to the public. At present, the Chengdu Meteorological Bureau has incorporated lightning forecast into the scope to be released. Recently, the Lightning Protection Center will invite relevant departments to conduct technical appraisal of lightning forecast. It is estimated that next year's thunderstorm season, citizens will be able to see the lightning warning forecast from relevant media.
The possibility of reheating is very small
Interview with reporter Xiaohong, director of Sichuan Meteorological Observatory
Reporter: It has entered the autumn in late September. Why should extra heavy rain visit our province? Fan Xiaohong: There have been heavy rains in autumn in our province before. This is not abnormal weather, but why the energy of this thunderstorm is so large. Experts analyze the main reason is the subtropical high pressure. The energy accumulated in the early stage suddenly came to a total outbreak. Very abundant, and also related to the typhoon landing.
Reporter: After the rain, all parts of the province have cooled down to varying degrees. Will it heat up again in the future?
Fan Xiaohong: After this heavy rain, the basin has basically entered autumn in the sense of meteorology. Except that it feels a little hot when it is out of the sun, it will feel very cool at other times, and the possibility of reheating is very small.

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Dec. 02, 2019