The selection of signal antenna SPD

Signal  antenna surge protective device is divided into two kinds of types: switch type and 1/4 wavelength. The interfaces of switch type includes N -type connector, SMA connector, F -type connector, SL16 interface, TNC interface. The frequency is from 0-2.5GHZ or 0-6Ghz, the range is very wide, the discharge current is relatively smaller than 1/4wavelength type, usually 20KA. 

1/4 wavelength type lightning arrester are only two kinds of interfaces: N -type and DIN type, the frequency is 800-2500Mhz, the discharge current is 60KA and 100KA, the effect of SPD was better than switching type.  In the actual selection of the signal surge protector,  it depends on the interface, frequency, power and other parameters to choose the right type signal surge protection device.  

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