The same roof two lightning was "random phenomenon"

South have reported Taishan Baisha town 38 descending water side of the village, there is a housing of the beam was struck by lightning twice the news, recently Taishan City, lightning detection equipment sent to the staff to check that the two lightning is Is a random phenomenon, there is no other reason.

Taishan City, the lightning's staff first climbed the roof of the owner to see where the lightning strike and the surrounding environment, and its photographed records. According to director of Taishan City, Wu Guoyu lightning, Taishan is a strong thunderstorm area, the average annual thunderstorm day 86 days, up to 132 days that year's record. Generally located in the waterway junction location is a high probability of lightning, and the lower village of water village is located in the Tam River, is a high incidence of lightning area, so vulnerable to lightning.

For the owner said before the roof beams with iron and steel products easily lead to speculation thunder, Mr. Wu explained that steel does have the possibility of conductive steel, and if the steel is not connected to the ground, there may be thunder and lightning strike phenomenon . However, this does not serve as an explanation for the fact that the thunderbolt hits the house of Yu Shu twice, because the structure of the two houses connected to Tong Yu Shu is the same height. Therefore, this only shows that Yu Shu two roofs were random phenomenon of lightning.

In the detection of the day, the city's lightning staff also distributed on-site lightning awareness brochures to the villagers, so that they understand and master in-depth understanding of how to prevent thunderstorms and to ensure their own safety.

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Nov. 21, 2016