The raiders appliances of Summer lightning

The raiders appliances of Summer lightning 

Although lightning is terrible, in our daily lives to stay for dessert protective appliances , home appliances will allow us to have some lightning index improved, therefore , we need to know which appliances vulnerable to be lightning, then take preventive Enron degree Ray had the rainy season.

TV: cable to prevent lightning into the room
Lightning is powerful, but before entering the room , the thundercloud and the earth has already discharged in a short discharge process, the vast majority of its enormous energy into heat, light and other energy , so it will not form a hazard. Normally thunder indoors watching television , radiant energy interference appeared on the screen and sound are mostly lightning , not induction or discharge energy. In principle, this radiation energy , is generally not damage the TV.

Air conditioning: the outdoor unit is lightning "fuse "
Air conditioner outdoor unit and an indoor unit composed of a thunderstorm , the use of air conditioning , lightning can easily import the indoor unit from the outdoor unit , causing a short circuit , fire and so on. In this case, as far as possible away from curtains and other air conditioner , or the use of flame retardant fabric curtains. According to past experience , the curtain is the main medium of air conditioning fire spread .

Solar water heaters : it is easy to thunder into the room
Thunderstorms four points to note : First, when the thunder and lightning  not to use solar water heaters ; secondly , be sure to install lightning protection devices ( including the lightning rod , belt, lead referrals , grounding device ) for solar water heaters ; and  the entire power of solar water heaters shielding line to take , and install the power supply unit at the power switch at lightning ; and finally , the best facilities, please install lightning protection unit with lightning construction quality of the construction.

Washing machine: best not to put the balcony
Because the washing machine is the use of integrated circuits to control the laundry process , so its internal circuitry is also afraid of the water , otherwise easily lead to failure. So on top of the washing machine in the usual placement should choose good ventilation , cool place.

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