The lightning protection measures of LAN

The lightning protection measures of LAN

1. lightning attack to LAN

The reason of disaster for  LAN system lightned , in addition to lightning attacks and destructive , but also with the network executives were not installed correctly in accordance with the provisions of lightning protection equipment or use of lightning -related quality of equipment failure . Many events from network devices by lightning attack , the part of the unit or network staff lightning lack of understanding the importance of LAN systems , lightning protection equipment disrepair and can not play a role in the prevention of lightning , more prominent security risks ; and some people thought there is paralysis , lucky phenomenon , that their network equipment will not be lightning attacks inside the building .In particular , with the gradual popularization of the Internet, each unit or units in the same departments increasingly strong desire to access , network management personnel random collocation network cable is relatively common, because the network cable is not installed lightning protection devices , outdoor the network cable into a lead almost lightning , causing lightning faults occur frequently.

2. the regular maintenance lightning facilities

Do not think that installed the lightning facilities , LAN equipment would not have been struck by lightning , and we should always establish lightning awareness , at the annual storm season approaching, serious professionals regularly organize LAN system lightning protection equipment for maintenance, inspection and  lightning facilities are aging , failure , whether or not subject to vandalism or damage , if it is found lightning facilities not working properly , it should be replaced to install new equipment to eradicate lightning hazards.

3. properly grounded
Due to lightning or lightning voltage current through the ground to the spilling to it , the ground will have a direct impact on the effect of good and bad effects of lightning protection , grounding and therefore make proper LAN equipment is the key to prevent lightning strikes . Generally , each LAN network equipment should be grounded separately for each device or grounding system prone to potential difference , after this difference reaches a certain value , can also cause damage to the network equipment.

Lightning above preventive measures should not be used alone or in isolation , but should take a multi-level lightning protection measures for the LAN system , the only way to ensure the safe operation of LAN equipment , minimize the lightning current or voltage of the network system losses and damage .

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