The jargon of Lightning protection (三)

The jargon of Lightning protection (三)

1. Overload
    To prevent the main power lines due to overload resulting in overheat protection and installation of overload equipment damage.Such as insurance or fuse

2. Complex wave UOC
    Sending a 1.2 / 50μs pulse and an open circuit voltage of 8 / 20μs short-circuit current pulse wave by mixing wave generator, the open circuit voltage to UOC said its value is shown in more Class D SPD.

3. N-PE protection
    N-PE protector is only installed between N-PE conductor protector.

4. Working temperature ( nominal temperature zone )
    Said the lightning arrester a working temperature range.

5. Response time tA
    The main reaction in the protection of the special protection elements in the movement sensitivity , breakdown time can vary within a certain time depends on the slope du / dt or di / dt 's .

6. Thermal tripping device
    Protection with a voltage controlled resistor ( varistor ) are presented with a hanging trip device , and therefore ( overload or failure ) can be quickly cut off the main protector and when it reaches a certain temperature to prevent the connection of fire . Function of the trip device can be detected by simulating the way overload protection .

7. Degree of protection
    Lightning protection level packaging material (IP number ) is based on DIN EN60529 (VDE 0470 Part1) standard tests.

8. Protection circuit
    A protection circuit may be a multi -level , a protector may be formed of a spark gap , varistor and semiconductors . In between stages is sometimes required in order to achieve energy decoupling elements match.

9. Data transfer rate VS
    Value represents the number of bits transmitted in one second , unit : bps; data transmission system is the correct choice of the reference value of mine ; lightning protection system data transfer rate depends on the transmission.
    Transmission rate is derived by a frequency bandwidth out of the signal system and the theoretical relation frequency bandwidth of the transmission rate is :
    Vs = 2fG ( practical application Vs = 1.25fG)

10. Frequency bandwidth fG
    Frequency bandwidth frequency response reflects the protection that 3db frequency insertion loss when .
    If you do not consider other parameters , reference 50 ohm system frequency .

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