The jargon of Lightning protection (一)

The jargon of Lightning protection (一)

1 . Nominal voltage UN
Consistent with the rated voltage of the protected system ; the IT system should be used for this parameter indicates the type of protection , which is marked rms ac voltage.

2 . Rated voltage UC ( maximum continuous operating voltage )
Can be applied to long-term surge protector designated end without causing maximum voltage surge protectors feature changes and activate the protection element RMS ; UC nominal voltage value must be consistent with the protection system , and installation of a book in the system within the specification limits .

3 . Nominal current IN
Specifies the maximum operating current through the end of the surge arrester.

4 . Nominal discharge current isn
Depending on the particular classification test requirements, through the surge protection device and have inrush peak 8 / 20μs waveform.

5 . Maximum discharge current Imax
Surge protectors can safely discharge of 8 / 20μs waveform peak inrush current .

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