The general principle of lightning

Not only in a high degree of intelligence building, in many important areas of the national economy ( telecommunications, broadcasting, finance, roads, etc.), lightning has also been a hot topic. This is because the electronic equipment is widely used, triggering the innovation and development for traditional lightning protection technology, thus promoting the development of new lightning products which makes modern technology continue to innovate and improve.

But for the electronic information system of total lightning, the following principles:

1. the vast majority of current through the introduction of ground lightning air terminals directly discharged bulk ( external protection );

2. blocking the introduction along power lines or data signal lines lightning over radio ( internal protection and over-voltage protection ), to limit the magnitude of over-voltage surge protected ( overvoltage protection ) on the device;

3. in order to completely eliminate the destructive potential difference caused by lightning, in a complete lightning protection system must be implemented equipotential connection.

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