The First Time for China Hydropower Units Enter into Nigeria

June 27, by the China hydropower consultant group east China survey design institute for research (hereinafter referred to as the east China institute) and Harbin motor Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the company), motor of associated body and Nigeria state power company (PHCN) in the capital, abuja formally signed Kane ji (Kainji) power station 2 x 120 megawatts (mw) and 1 x 100 megawatts hydropower units total package the supply contract, the contract worth more than 500 million yuan RMB mark, ha motor company account for 268 million yuan, products supply contract for a period after contract become effective 42 months.
East China institute of electrical and mechanical equipment for the plant contractor, ha motor company is water turbine, generator and ancillary equipment suppliers. The project is Nigeria's federal government to improve the power supply domestic tensions in the world bank loan, in the implementation of the project under the help, a total of 8 a famous domestic and foreign companies, including rafer alston international companies to participate in bidding, the project itself not only attractive, more important is that once the winning, means that by the world bank loan won the participation in the African Nigeria support of developing countries in water and electricity market, the birth of meaning.
The project of national key project for Nigeria, June 28, the official newspaper USA today newspaper Nigeria on the front page of the report. Recently, the President met with Jonathan, the world bank President said that was imposed will consider gives priority to the development of electric power industry, each year plan new increasing capacity of 2 million kilowatts, so as to realize the capacity of 2020 to 20 million kilowatts of development goals. It is reported, and the national economic council has approved earlier this year to provide power as high as 20 more than $in funds, in order to realize the whole country electric power development goals. At present, the world bank's investment in Nigeria has amounted to $4.23 billion.
July 1 Chinese embassy in Nigeria JingShangChu embassy of news reports say, Kane project will become our country at the first export of hydropower units, Nigeria, not only for the purpose signing new 340000 kilowatts of power supply increase, and fully show that Nigeria has become China's in Africa's most important contracting market for our country, one of the mechanical and electrical equipment into the African market has laid a good foundation.