The cow was struck by lightning, but the cow keeper is fine

Meteorological experts said that after the lightning hits the ground, the cow will land on all four legs, and the step voltage will be high, while the cow feeder usually has his feet close together when working. At this time, the step voltage is exactly the smallest, so as to avoid lightning strikes. .
According to a report from "Yanzhao Metropolis Daily", in Fuping County, Hebei Province, a dairy farm has repeatedly experienced strange phenomena after its completion. It was struck by lightning 8 times in 4 years, and 6 cows were killed and 15 cows were killed. Cows were injured and dozens of cows were knocked down several times.
But what is strange is that the cattle keeper who accompanied the cows miraculously escaped lightning strikes again and again, and was safe and sound.
According to villagers’ memories, at noon on May 12, 2003, more than a dozen cattle ranchers tied their cows to the shelves of the company’s milking hall for milking. At this time, it was raining outside the house. Suddenly, there was a "click" and a dazzling electric light. In the middle, a ball of fire fell from the top of the cowshed. For a moment, they watched the 36 cows in the hall fall to the ground, all collapsed on the ground...
On the night of the third day of the fifth lunar month in 2004, villager Lao Han was struck by lightning again in the cowshed. That day, he was feeding the cows in the cowshed. It was raining outside the cowshed. Just as Lao Han was feeding the cows, a muffled thunder fell from the sky. The fireball fell into the cowshed and 9 cows fell. Surprisingly, he hurriedly released the clapboard blocking the cow's neck, trying to lift the knocked cow up, but his tallest cow couldn't get up. During this process, he accidentally reached out and touched the cow shelf, and was knocked back by a powerful electric current, "There is electricity!"
After the old Han’s cow was killed, thunder and lightning seemed to visit more frequently. In the four years from 2003 to 2007, the village was struck by lightning eight times. Six cows were killed and 15 cows were injured.
The reporter found in the investigation that a fortunate phenomenon is that, despite these multiple lightning strikes, most of the cattle ranchers and their own cattle were accompanied and at the scene, even if they were close to the cows that were killed. No one was injured.
Why are people lucky enough to avoid lightning strikes again and again? Zhang Xinli, director of the Fuping County Meteorological Bureau, explained that after lightning strikes, the voltage at two different points on the ground will be different, which will produce a "stride voltage". The four feet of the cow will land on the ground, and the stride voltage will be high. For those who are breast-feeding, their feet are basically close together when they are working, so that the step voltage is exactly the smallest, so as to avoid injury. In thunder and lightning weather, it is the same reason not to walk too much for safety.

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Sept.07, 2020