The choice of lightning arrester in a Campus (二)

The choice of lightning arrester in a Campus (二)

2. Signal SPD selection

2.1 Selection of voltage

Signal SPD maximum operating voltage of choice should be determined on the basis of data communication lines operating voltage. It is a select signal surge arrester is an important parameter , but in practical applications the choice of different communication lines do not have a common standard . SPD maximum operating voltage must be greater than the operating voltage of the communication line 1.2 times .

2.2 Selection rate matching

Data transfer rates of different communication systems are different, signal surge protector installed in the signal line , which supports transfer rates should not be less than the transmission rate of the communication system itself , otherwise it will lead to increased communication interruption or error rate , the impact of communication normal operation of the system . For signal surge protective device communication system installed , and if there is a communication interruption or error rate increase case , the reason is more complicated and may not be the cause of lightning , the user can proceed to check the following points : whether the length of the communication line too long, if too long , consider shortening ; breakpoint number ; connection quality ; communication connector is tightened.

2.3 Insertion Loss

Signal surge protection device installed in the signal line , because of the impact of additional capacitance , in the case of high frequency , there will be a certain degree of insertion loss. When selecting signal SPD , its insertion loss should be less than the value specified in the relevant standards .

2.4 Interface type selection

Signal SPD installed in series on the line . In order to match the impedance and maintain minimum contact resistance , should select the interface and communication lines of the same type , for RJ, SD line to pay attention to the type of interface lines to fit connector for coaxial cable with male and female attention .

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