the cause of lightning damage about Video monitor System

the cause of lightning damage about Video monitor System 
Ⅰ. direct lightning strike: a direct lightning strike on the outdoor camera or on an overhead cable. This way caused by lightning strikes is the most serious damagement, but the probability of occurrence is relatively small.

Ⅱ.lightning : also known as the second lightning , which is divided into electromagnetic  and electrostatic induction . When there is a lightning strike near the area,lightning strikes around the implementation of the channel will have a strong transient electromagnetic field . In the electromagnetic field ,the monitoring equipment and transmission lines will induce a large electromotive force , the phenomenon called electromagnetic induction ; when there is a charged thundercloud appeared ,under the  Thundercloud buildings and transmission lines will be induced with Thundercloud opposite charge, this phenomenon is called the electrostatic induction.It appeared in a large frequency , accounting for more than 80% of modern lightning accident .

Ⅲ lightning invasion wave : When other metal wire power line monitoring system , signal transmission lines or enter the control room was struck by lightning or lightning induction , lightning waves along these metal wire / conductor invasive devices, resulting in a high potential errand equipment damage.

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