The 2010 European wind power installation data

The international energy net news: according to the European wind energy association issued its annual statistical data in the past 12 years, annual new EU wind installed capacity have steadily increased, from 1995 to 814MW increase year after year 2010 9295MW, the average annual market growth of 17.6%.

The current EU total installed capacity of wind power for 84278MW, accumulative total installed capacity has increased by an average of 12.2%.

Germany is still the EU's largest wind power kingdom, followed by Spain, Italy, France and Britain.

The EU emerging market wind installed capacity increases, Nordic sea wind power installed and southeastern Europe (Romania, Poland and Portuguese) onshore wind power installed capacity increases offset Germany, Britain and Spain such mature land wind power market installed capacity reduction.

At the end of 2010 in normal EU wind power installed capacity to produce 181 TWh annual electricity, accounts for about 5.3% of European power demand.