TDK Introduces New EPCOS Film Capacitors

TDK is a famous electronic product brand, and the leader for electronic material and comonent in the market.

TDK launched for new engine applications EPCOS film capacitors LCap in Oct. 2012. LCap make an AC capacitor inductance coil and a shell together, and also from the two pins instead of the past four pin needs to save cost and halved assembly time and cost reduction. Inductor being cast on the interior of the housing of the capacitor, in order to bring more benefits, such as reducing the degree of sensitivity to external interference while the comparison method of separation has a higher long-term stability. LCap work in rated AC voltage of 250 volts and 450 volts, the capacitance value range between 3-50 microfarads, inductance range 5-100 microhenries. Of course, customers can be based on the needs defined criteria beyond specific tolerance value.

This B32350 * series combination of elements typical application is the TRIAC drive it is used in the the AC inductor engine of the washing machine and tumble dryer. This circuit is often a TRIAC 2. Wherein a driving engine achieved in a specific direction of rotation. LCap capacitor typically used to generate a second phase, its inductance is used to protect the short circuit phenomenon arising TRIACs be mistaken for simultaneously driving.