Taonan: Jointly launch a special inspection of lightning protection in primary and secondary schools

China Meteorological News correspondent Fan Jiyue reported that on July 14, the Joint Emergency Management Bureau and the Education Bureau of Taonan City Meteorological Bureau of Jilin Province carried out a special inspection of lightning protection in primary and secondary schools. So far, nine primary and secondary schools have completed lightning protection safety inspections.
The inspection team successively inspected the implementation of lightning protection and safety responsibilities of schools, the formulation of thunderstorm protection measures, whether lightning protection safety facilities and equipment are sound, and whether lightning protection annual inspections are carried out on time in accordance with laws and regulations. The focus is on teaching buildings, student apartments, and cafeterias. The installation and maintenance of lightning protection facilities in densely populated places such as information computer rooms, libraries, and gymnasiums were inspected. Through spot checks and inspection reports on the spot, the inspection team found some hidden safety hazards, put forward rectification opinions on the spot, and issued a rectification notice, requesting that the responsibility for lightning protection safety rectification be assigned to individuals.

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Dec. 14, 2020